Security is our business
Alpine Safes has a passion for safes
Our safes are some of the highest quality safes available today.
All Alpine Safes are built to European standards, with the highest levels of quality controll.
It is for that reason that we do not manufacture in China as we belive that the quality of the chinese made product is not up to our high standards.
Why buy a safe with a key overide?, in the end, your safe is only as secure as that key, we at Alpine safes have 100% faith in our lock mechanisims, and use only the highest quality digital and combintion dials, such as Sargent and greenleaf and Lagard.
Our products are of the highest quality
And we stand by our product
Alpine Safes is a wholesaler, retailer and manufacturer of high end quality safes.
We strive to only provide high quality safes to the Australian consumer, bringing over 30 years experience in the security industry and safe industries.

P.O  box 592 Kilsyth Victoria 3137    Telephone 1300 360 602