Affordable & Secure
Fully Covered
Unique Design

Modern and stylish
Home and/or business use


High security
Attractive and

Electronic lock
1 hour fire protection


Superior design
Convenient soft-touch buttons
Excellect fire-resistance

Enhanced security
Features and options

EAGLE SAFES are manufactured to the highest technical Standards and are solidly constructed
to give you the best level of security.

A member of the OZ SAFE Group of Companies, our 35years of knowledge and experience in the Industry is appreciated by every single customer of ours.In addition to answering any questions about exactly what you want in a Safe our staff will help guide you in selecting the perfect product for your specific location and operation.


Commercial Safes

The ideal safe when immediate deposits and secure storage of cash or other valuables are needed

Fire Safes

Fire-resistant safes perfect for home and/or business use that offer superior fire protection for your valuables and important documents.

Burglary Safes

The best choice to protect your property from fire and burglary

Filing Cabinet

Offers smooth and quite suspensionfiling system to protect your important documents from fire or robbery.It has 1.5hour fire protection certified by SP NT-Fire 017 90P.